Classifieds App

OLX-like application with advanced filters, authentication, and CRUD functionality.

Training Project | Nest, React, Redux, TS

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classifieds application screens with list classifieds

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This complex project has all of the basic functionalities that an advertisements application needs: categories and extensive filters, search bar, functionality for adding and managing ads and adding to favorites.

Material design, nice graphics, and page transitions make the application nice and intuitive. In addition, it has a change theme option for users, who prefer dark colors.

filters bar
advert page


Registered users can add new ads, manage their ads and wish list. The application uses cookie-based authentication - cookies are sent from a separate backend created with the Nest.js framework.

login and users ads pages

Creating adverts

Ads can be added by a multi-step form in which the user provides advertisement info and photos. Ad data is saved using MongoDB, while the AWS S3 is used to save photos. Users can also edit their ads, remove old photos and add new ones.

edit ad form